USATT League Info

League Participation: Players must be active members of USATT to participate.  There is a basic level of USATT membership at $25 a year as an alternative to the full membership of $75 a year. The Basic Membership allows players to participate in USATT tournaments 4 stars or lower (all except national level tournaments).  You may join USATT through the club.

Round Robin League for USATT League Rating Points:

  • USATT League Ratings are separate from USATT Tournament Ratings
  • Dates and times of league meetings will be posted on the calendar and communicated via the website, email, and Facebook.
  • Matches will be best 3 out of 5 games using the 11points/game format.
  • Rating points gained or lost will be per match.
  • Points are calculated using the USATT rating system per the table below.
  • Ratings will be updated for the following round robin.
  • Round robin groups will be formed from highest to lowest of the players signed up that session.


  • Get an idea of where you might be if you played in USATT tournaments.
  • Get the feel of competition without risking your official USATT rating.
  • Play people closest to your ability.
  • Provide support to the USATT in an effort to make table tennis more popular.


  • Sign up ahead of time using this form:
  • If you are going to be late, or cannot make it, please text or call Nick @ 610-427-1171. 
  • If you haven't arrived by start time, we may call or text you at the number you provide on the sign up form to make sure you are still coming.
  • You may sign up at the club at the director's discretion.

USATT Table Tennis Rating Table

Points spread between players. Expected result (higher rated player wins): number of points exchanged. Upset result (lower rated player wins): number of points exchanged.
0-12 8 8
13-37 7 10
38-62 6 13
63-87 5 16
88-112 4 20
113-137 3 25
138-162 2 30
163-187 2 35
188-212 1 40
213-237 1 45
238 and up 0 50


Thanks to West Jersey Table Tennis club for the source of this page.