Good morning and welcome to the monthly update. 


This Saturday: Our third annual Groundhog Trophy Tournament is 2/3 at 9:30am.  There is no extra entry fee, anyone may participate. It will be a handicap rules tournament and single elimination with a trophy and flag awarded to the winner. The handicap rules award starting points to the lower rated players giving them a chance against better players. And it makes every match a challenge for the higher rated players. If you don't have a rating, we will give you an estimated one. Here is our photo album of the past events.

The third Tuesday of each month: The stage area room will be used for monthly meetings for another group. Therefore we will be using only two rooms. That means only 6 tables set up. If the kitchen is free, we can put one in there.  And I was told that if the exercise room is available we can use it for the final two tables. 

The Greatest of Ches-Mont: Are you the best of Chester and Montgomery County area? Our Ches-Mont Championship tournament will be held in March. The open requires you to pre-qualify by winning six matches against six different players at the club between now and the event. You can report your wins here. Follow who has qualified here. Currently up to six players, their digital trading cards are showcased on Facebook and in this gallery.

Local tournaments: Princeton Pong holds a tournament the first weekend every month, you can sign up through  The Trolley Car Table Tennis Club and PingPod will be holding a joint tournament Saturday February 10th. You can sign up through events tab, then community, then drop down Philadlephia.... Okay it's complicated. See if you can find it at Sorry, I can't provide a direct link.

MLTT: Major League Table Tennis is to table tennis what the NFL and MLB are to football and baseball. We have joined up with their partner program. Their next matches will be Chicago VS Carolina Feb 9th @4pm, Princeton VS Florida @ 7pm. Chicago VS Princeton Feb 10th @4pm, Carolina VS Florida @ 7pm. Princeton VS Carolina Feb 11th @11am, Chicago VS Florida @2pm. These matches are streamed live on the MLTT Youtube channel.  You can also watch previous meetings there as well. Subscribe and add notifications to get pinged whenever they are streaming.
The MLTT is coming to New Jersey March 15th-17th. You can get tickets here.  I have mine already. 

When it rains, it rains money: Our rubber duck handicap system will be used for the Groundhog tournament, but also whenever it is raining, we will pull the ducks out and have a $1 to enter, winner takes all, handicap tournament. 

Time to buy more balls: The balls are starting to run thin again. If you can, donate a dollar or two so we can purchase some more! Please and thank you!

Facebook: If you shy away from the social media but still want to see what is happening with the club. Our Facebook feed is now directly viewable on our website.  So you get all our smiling faces, Greatest Ever Doubles Champion Photos, Monthly Review Videos and Lost and Shame shenanigans, 100% drama free!

Group Coaching: Our final session of group coaching will be Monday 2/5.  There are 2 spots open for the kids program from 6pm - 7pm, and 4 spots for the adult program 7pm-8:30pm. If you want to join, sign up here. The cost will be $20.


Nick C. won our National Rubber Duck Day Tournament! Yes that's a real day. This was an impromptu event to test out our duck system rules. See, it pays to pay attention to our emails and Facebook to know when I have a surprise event for you!